JHA held the product finalization meeting for Centralized Monitoring System of Air Traffic Control Equipment in smart Airport


On the afternoon of 2nd September 2020, the company held a product finalization meeting for Centralized Monitoring System of Air Traffic Control Equipment in smart Airport. Shen Gang, Deputy Chief Engineer, presided over the meeting and presented a report; General Manager Zhang Yin, Deputy General Manager Xiao Bin, Chief Economist Cao Yang, review experts and Product R&D team attended the meeting. After discussing the patent technology, performance advantages, production cost, market potential and other aspects of the product, the participants also put forward their own opinions and suggestions on the research and development, production and sales of the follow-up version, meeting concluded with very good results.



Expert Discussions


At the meeting, Deputy Chief Engineer Shen Gang presented a detailed report on the features, functions, application fields and software composition of the product, and answered all the questions raised one by one. After full demonstration to leaders, review experts and R&D members, it was unanimously agreed that the product meets the technical requirements of Air Traffic Control Equipment Monitoring in Civil Aviation Airports and could satisfies the control of airport Air Traffic Control System Equipment. The system can realize the remote monitoring and data analysis of the equipment, power, environment, network and security of the Airport Air Traffic Control System, and meet the requirements of data acquisition, state monitoring, operation management, daily duty, fault alarm and data analysis of various air traffic control equipment in airport operation management. The system has the characteristics of high intelligence, stable operation, practical function and simple operation, which can be applied and promoted in the field of Airport Air Traffic Control.



Speech by General Manager Zhang Yin


After listening to the report, General Manager Zhang Yin first affirmed the efforts of the R&D team and put forward new requirements for subsequent product development. Mr. Zhang pointed out: First, it is necessary to continuously develop and optimize the products in combination with the characteristics of similar products, so as to maintain the iterative updating and competitive advantages of products; Second, R&D team should increase efforts to tackle key technical problems, and timely develop different versions of Centralized Monitoring System for different Civil Aviation Professional Systems, so as to meet the needs of airport operation support. At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the training of installation and debugging technicians, do a good job in after-sales services guarantee, and lay a solid foundation for the products to be put into the market.


Mr. Zhang stressed that the product finalization meeting is an important step for the company to push the self-developed high-tech products to the market. The production of the product is expected to usher in new market opportunities for the company. The company's R&D team should not forget its original intention, be brave in taking responsibility, continue to create the best quality and most reliable products, contribute to the construction and development of Civil Aviation Airport and strive to become a global leader in smart airport service providers and play their due role along the path.