JHA facilitating the operation of Terminal Building T2 of Zhangjiakou Airport

The safe landing of airliner 9C6267 of Spring Airlines in front of the T2 in Zhangjiakou Airport marks the formal operation of the new Terminal Building.As a major stakeholder in the construction of the AGL, ATC ELV system, fencing & Security system of the Zhangjiakou Airport, JHA has done its part in the operation of the new terminal building.



Upgrading & Expansion of the Zhangjiakou Airport is one of the infrastructure projects for 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics, with the task of transportation for the Games. The works were commenced in Oct,2018 to better serve the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, later on 3 completion acceptance and industry acceptance were carry out, and currently the new terminal building has been put into operation.



Non-suspension construction is required for The project of Upgrading & Expansion of the Zhangjiakou Airport, which requires highly professional expertise and management for difficulties in coordination of relevant parties, numerous conflicts and accidents may occur if not properly handled. 


To guarantee quality and safety, the project management team has made well planned assignments, adopting stringent measures towards safety and techniques, enhancing supervision and inspection, implementing guidance and support, exercising safety responsibilities, taking precautionary and emergency measures, to make sure that risks are eliminated. To ensure the project progress, the project reinforced human deployment, two shift of night and day for construction are applied, the constructors working in the night, in high temperature to guarantee the progress.  Confronted with the arduous construction tasks with sophisticated and various kinds and wide scope of underground pipelines, the project team carefully planned the existing AGL circuits, determined the general directions, and the smooth construction for new AGL circuits were guaranteed. The project completed the construction works of ATC, ELV system and Fencing & Security systems by scientific organization, reasonable assignment, later on industry cloud acceptance was carried out during 14th to 17th, industry acceptance completed on 3rd Aug, all construction works were fulfilled successfully. 



The Upgrading & Expansion of the Zhangjiakou Airport is the first projects for which industry cloud acceptance is applied in recent years, it is another Olympics-related project, which would obtain experience in multi-disciplinary coordination, improving management levels, and it plays an important role in enhancing and improving brand images. All staff are committed in the company business philosophy ’running business with integrity, delivering projects with quality ’, upholding the belief of ‘diligent care, high standard’ stay true to the mission of ‘customer satisfaction, keep innovating, pursue quality projects’, showcasing JHA workmanship spirit.



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