Rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiway of Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal successfully completed

On December 28, 2019, the project of Rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiway of Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal constructed by AVIC International Engineering Co., Ltd. was successfully completed and a handed over ceremony was held. JHA, as the mechanical and electrical subcontractor of the project, was invited to attend, and Mr.Robert Xiao, deputy general manager of the company participated.

20191228日,由中航国际工程公司承建的尼泊尔加德满都特里布万国际机场跑道及平滑道改建项目顺利完工,并举行了交付仪式。JHA作为该项目的机电分包商被邀请参加本次交付仪式,公司副总经理Robert xiao受邀出席。


Robert Xiao (right 3), deputy general manager of JHA, was invited to attend

JHA副总经理Robert xiao(右3)受邀出席

At the ceremony, AVIC, the sponsor, made a summary introduction to the project and broadcast a promotional film. Ms.Hou, Ambassador of China to Nepal, Mr.Bhattarai, Minister of culture, tourism and civil aviation of Nepal, Mr. Bauchrell, Director of civil aviation authority of Nepal, Mr. Suo, chairman of AVIC, made speeches respectively.




Ribbon cutting


With the completion of the project, we are happy to see the improvement of aviation infrastructure at Nepal, said Mr. Hou Yanqi,the upgraded airport will bring increasing connectivity and more tourist to Nepal, and enhance friendship and economy relationship between China and Nepal.



Tribhuvan airport is the only international airport in Nepal at present. The project was started in April 2019, including the Rehabilitation of the runway, taxiway, installation of central line lights and other ancillary works. This is also the largest runway maintenance and upgrading work of the airport since 1975. JHA is responsible for the airfield ground lighting system and cable duct works in the project.



Signature of the parties on the taking over certificate


After the ceremony, Robert Xiao, deputy general manager of JHA, held a meeting with the deputy director general of the project, senior consultant of the project and former director of civil aviation and took a group photo. All parties praised JHA's construction quality and progress. JHA  would further cooperate with the Nepalese government and enterprises to build a first-class airport for Nepal.

会后,JHA 副总经理Robert Xiao与项目副总指挥长,项目高级顾问、前民航局长举行了会谈并合影留念。各方对JHA的施工质量和施工进度给予一致好评。JHA将进一步与尼泊尔政府和各企业合作,为尼泊尔建设品质一流的机场。

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