Project Express --- Pokhara Regional International Airport Flood Lights is ON!!!

          Pokhara Regional International Airport in Pokhara, Nepal is located in the tourist destination city of Nepal, “POKHARA”. Every year many tourists including hikers, gliders, etc from all over the world come here. After the completion of Pokhara Regional International Airport, it will become the Second International Airport within Nepal. Tourist from all over the world from different countries will be able to directly fly to Pokhara without having to transfer to Kathmandu, which will be of great significance for tourism in this area.




        JHA will be responsible for the construction, installation, testing and Commissioning of AGL (Airfield Ground Lighting), Navigation, ELV, Power Supply, Security and other system for the airport which is expected to be completed in 2021. Unfortunately at the beginning of 2020, due to global pandemic of new Corona Virus (COVID-19) has adversely affected the progress of the project. With the increment in the Immigration and Customs Procedures and Restrictions in various countries, shipping companies have reduced the number of ships and flights, which has adversely affected the factory inspection, shipment and transportation of the bulk quantity of materials to be delivered in time even after the completion of production in factories.



        In the face of current situation, an emergency meeting was held by the project department, on one hand , the pandemic situation should not be allowed to get out of hand and break out in the project department on the other construction works should not come to a complete halt. Thus, since January 2020, the project department has implemented a number of measures for the pandemic prevention and control, Isolation, Disinfection of Site area and other measures to name a few. Also, construction schedule were adjusted, maximizing the project progress and hold regular meetings once a week for research and discussion. Colleagues back home in China are endlessly trying to open up new ways of Shipment to ensure the continuous supply and transportation of goods.



        At the end of March 2020, Apron High Mast Floodlights have been assembled, erected, installed and commissioned. Finally, in early April 2020, all High Mast Floodlights were successfully lit and turned on, once and for all, illuminating the dark Apron.



        No matter how bad the environment is, no matter how hard the situation is, no matter how difficult it is, it is impossible to change the determination to win.


Edited by Tony Zhu & Sajan Shrestha

Photos by Michael WZ