Mitigating the spread of COVID-19,Ensuring all works done as scheduled

This is an unforgettable spring.

The people of our nation overcame the COVID-19 epidemic with determination and solidarity, and now the situation is turning better in our country as number of patients dwindled. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 in other countries around the world is worsening as the WHO has declared it a global pandemic.

As of 9:00, 22nd March, there are over 180,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 outside of China in over 150 countries. More than 35 countries have shut down all their borders, suspended visas and flights, and the number keeps growing. Many countries has also declared State of Public Health Emergency to date.

During this time of hardship, the staff of overseas projects of Beijing Jing Hang An Airport Engineering Co.Ltd stand to their post, express good wishes to the motherland, create benefit to the company and check in with their families.



Whatever the challenges, we will fight and win the battle against COVID-19 with the strong support of the company.

The construction of Ndola International Airport is drawing to an end since the commencement, while the outbreak of the COVID-19 has brought more challenges to the project team of JHA.


The plan to return to Zambia as scheduled is interrupted by the development of COVID-19 for staff atttending annual work meeting in Beijing as uncertainties arise. Mr ZhangZhiHu was very much concerned as the construction of the airport is now at a critical stage. To return to Ndola as soon as possible, they established a wechat group named “returning employees”, to keep them informed of the real-time situation concerning COVID-19 in Zambia and the health conditions of the staff, they also shared precautions in the group. They have come back Zambia before the outbreak of COVID-19 on 14th, Feb and 4th Mar safely.


Following the spread of COVID-19, two cases were imported and confirmed in Zambia, the JHA team has been taking strict precautionary measures as well as hastening the construction progress. To keep them well aware of the situation and to contain and curb the spread of COVID-19, the project office has conducted safety training concerning the epidemic and gained access to a wechat group among Chinese in Zambia, they also disinfect the offices, urging workers to wear masks, conduct body temperature checks, arrange for single rooms for workers as long as they can. Meanwhile they have purchased sufficient food and protective materials.


All staff are determined with confidence, though face with various challenges. At present, works of AGL, ATC, power supply installation, Terminal EVL are running smoothly.


We believe we will overcome anything with the care and support of the company and our colleagues through scientific prevention and control, we will surely ensure personal safety, maintain the outcomes and gain success.

The Construction of Ruanda New International Airport Project in neighboring Angola is also underway. On 31st Mar, two cases were confirmed in Angola, the JHA team is now also facing the menace of COVID-19.


Early in Feb, the Angolan government has exercise mandatory quarantine for Chinese nationals and students studying in China, it has also banned entry of nationals of countries such as China, Italy, Japan and Korea from 3rd Mar, 2020, on 20th Mar, Angola has suspended all international flights.

Under such circumstances, the project office keeps the goals of ensuring safety, hastening progress, preventing the COVID-19 at the same time, they take safety and construction progress as top priority. ever since early Mar, they made preparations and precautions regarding the flow of people. To date, everything goes smoothly.


All‘s well that ends well.


As the WHO declared earlier the COVID-19 a global pandemic, the confirmed cases of infected patients continue to surge, the whole world is confronted with the menace of the novel coronavirus. Following the State of Public Health Emergency declaration on 12 March 2020 by the government of the Maldives, the company takes the health and safety of its staff home and abroad its top priority. As well as implementing measures directed by the concerned authorities in China, the project team of Upgrading & Expansion of Venala International Airport Project continues to follow information and implement precautionary measures released by the health authorities of the Maldives and delivers safety trainings to its Chinese and foreign staff and consensus is reached that solidarity is needed during times of hardship.

The project has implemented daily body temperature checks and keep social distancing, making sure face masks are worn by all before going to work at site and all other measures as directed by the Main Office of our company and the General Contractor.

The project has expressed its confidence in combating the COVID-19 and commitment in ensuring the health of all its staff.


We will surely overcome anything and fulfil the tasks with the support of our country and the company

The JHA team has been at site in Saisai International Airport for preliminary works since 28th Dec 2019.


the JHA team has been confronted with the threat of various disease in Mozambiqye, an underdeveloped country with poor medical services, the outbreak of COVID-19 has brought them more challenges.

At present, there is no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mozambique. Meanwhile the JHA team is making preparations. They wear masks, disinfect offices and dormitories, kill insects, as long as keep social distancing. They exercise scientific prevention and control, in order to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Together with the above teams, there are also project teams of Pokhara Regional Airport, and Kathmandu International Airport, Nepal, who are working at site, determined and resolute, enthusiastic and devoted to their work.

The management of all tiers also expressed their care and support to the staff working abroad. The management of Overseas Business Center urges all staff to take precautions, avoid crowds unless necessary, keep social distancing and better meet client in an open area.

Far from home, confronted with the global pandemic of COVID-19, the staff of Far East Holding Group, JHA are taking precautions scientifically with the experience of our loved ones, with the good wishes of the company and their families. They are doing their part in contributing to the internationalization of Far East Holding Group.

Spring has come with flowers in full blossoms in our motherland, and we wish you to return home safely in the near future.